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The Best Cups For Massage Therapists

So you want to add cupping to your massages? Amazing! It is a valuable massage modality that can get amazing results for your clients that will keep them coming back to you for treatment.

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This guide will contain my favorite cups, other supplies you may need and some educational resources for learning basic cupping. Adding cupping into my practice transformed my clients results and I believe that my full schedule is due to cupping.

The Cups:

These are my favorite silicone cups to use! I have a ton of them, which I suggest cause it means you won't have to wash your cups between every client. While the fancy colors might be tempting, buy clear cups to use for cupping therapy. You want to be able to see whats happening inside of the cup.

These are facial cups by Lure Essentials. I use the medium ones for neck cupping and lymphatic cupping. They are easy to adjust and control the suction levels, I like the design and a great tool when you want to show clients how to do self care.

Who does not love a novelty? Especially one that actually works! I bought these cups as something fun, but ended up loving them. Heart cups are a huge part of my social media presence and clients come in requesting them as well.

This is a great entry level vacuum cupping therapy set of cups. It comes with a good amount of cups, the cupping gun and an extensor.

Other Supplies:

This is my favorite massage oil to use for cupping. Lubricant is really important to cupping therapy, I find that lotion absorbs too quickly. Oil can be messy, but its worth it to easily use cupping therapy in the most effective way.

This is the book to buy to learn cupping therapy. It goes over all the safety elements, types of cupping and ways to use them. If you want a great introduction to cupping buy this book.

The easiest way to store and use your cups. I have a bin on the second shelf to put my dirty cups. I keep a covered container of cups on the top shelf and put some out before each client. It is an easy way to move the cups with you around the table.

Adding cupping to your massage practice does not have to be intimidating, there are so many resources out there for education. Want to learn more? Check out my youtube for education on cupping.


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