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Post Op Lymphatic Massage

Who Is Post Surgical Massage Good For?

You are recovering from surgery, struggling with swelling or worried about fibrosis or scar tissue. 

What Can Post Surgical Massage Help With?

  • Fibrosis and Scar Tissue

  • Swelling and Inflammation

  • Pain Relief

  • Range Of Motion Restrictions

  • Muscle Restrictions Due To Surgery

  • Complications of Surgery Like Constipation

  • Post Op Support and Information 

What Surgeries Do You Work With?

We commonly see clients after plastic surgery, liposuction, gender affirming surgery, orthopedic surgery and more.

What Does It Cost?

120$ per session and I do not currently offer packages. 

Our focus is gentle, effective treatment that works with your body as it heals.

We do not do incisional drainage or wound care.

Always follow your surgeons post surgical instructions.  

We suggest booking your post surgical massages as soon as you know your surgery date to ensure availability. 

We are licensed and trained in Post Surgical Massage using Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

What To Expect During A Post Surgery Massage

Post Op Lymphatic Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage is done on a massage table, usually with lots of pillows and bolsters depending on your post surgery needs. It is ideal skin to skin, but can be done over and around compression garments. Generally post op sessions are 60 minutes with time for intake and dressing/undressing. Other techniques can be implemented in depending on your surgery including cupping, vibration and massage, but our goal is a pain free gentle experience.

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