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Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Serving Portland, OR

About Manual Lymphatic Drainage:


What is Lymphatic Drainage?


A lymphatic drainage massage or manual lymphatic drainage massage uses gentle rhythmic motions to increase lymphatic flow and relieve swelling and fibrosis after serious injury, medical treatment, or illness all while entering you into deep relaxation. If you would like to learn about post surgical lymphatic massage, click here


What Does Your Lymphatic System Do? 


Typically, the lymphatic system collects fluid called lymph and cellular waste through your lymph vessels and lymph nodes. It then recycles or disposes of it. If injury, surgery, or anything that may disrupt the lymphatic process occurs, it can cause fluid to collect in your limbs and body, causing them to swell. 

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Used For?​


Commonly Used for:

  • Post surgery swelling and healing

  • Edema and lymphedema management

  • Fibromyalgia, arthritis, and autoimmune syndromes

  • Lyme disease management support

  • Whiplash and car accident recovery

  • Pain management

  • Stress reduction and sleep issues

  • Sprains, strains, tendinitis, chronic pain, headaches

  • Inflammation reduction

  • Nervous System Regulation

  • Tattoo Removal Support

  • So much more

Who Does Lymphatic Drainage Massage?​

Our Portland massage therapist, Dani Allen, uses lymphatic drainage massages to move lymph (fluid) to your lymph nodes in order to reduce inflammation in your muscles and tissues.

How Often Should You Get a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

For the best results, determine how many lymph massages you need with your Portland massage therapist, surgeon, or medical professional!


Does Lymphatic Drainage Work?

Yes! Check out our massage reviews to see what clients have to say about our Portland lymphatic drainage massage services 

What To Expect During A MLD Session

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is done on a massage table in a comfortable position, maybe with pillow support. It can be a full body session or around a specific area. It is done skin to skin, but we can work around/over compression garmets. Expect to feel calm and relaxed, maybe even fall asleep. Cupping can easily be integrated into this session for deeper work. 60/90 minutes.

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