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What To Expect When Getting A Massage For The First Time....

Getting a massage for the first time can be intimidating. Here is a quick break down of what its like to get a massage with me.

You will make the appointment online here or give Asha Wellness a phone call at 503-719-5000 to schedule.

For your first appointment I ask that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for paperwork. This is some intake paperwork and signatures for permission to do the massage. If you are using insurance I will take a copy of your insurance card.

We will head back to the massage room where we will do a verbal intake about the massage, your expectations and wishes. I will check in on any questions from you and ask you a few questions relevant to the massage. From this conversation we will come up with a plan together for the massage.

I will leave the room to go wash my hands. You can undress to your level of comfort, which is truly your level of comfort. Want to wear a parka? Great! We can still do a great massage with clothes on. Generally, you will get on the table in between the sheets. We may do something different if that positioning is not right for you or we are working somewhere specific. I will come back to the room, knock on the door before entering and then do any adjustments you might want to be as comfortable as possible (lighting, music, temperature, bolsters, etc). If you would like help getting on or off the table the order of things might be a bit different.

I will ask if it is alright to start the massage. From there, I encourage whatever feels right for you. We can chat, we can not chat. You can chant, meow or just stay quiet. The space is yours for whatever comes up or feels right in the moment. Massage can provoke emotions and my hope is to hold space for that.

At the end of the massage I will leave the room. You will get dressed. When you are ready I ask you to pop the door open. I will return to settle up and we can discuss anything that comes up or any questions you have. If you would like to reschedule we can do that as well.

Thats more or less it! Have questions? Concerns? I am always open to answering any questions or requests (I love requests! Massage is supposed to be relaxing, so lets make the experience as ideal for you possible). Contact me at


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