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Post Op Lymphatic Massage

Post surgical lymphatic massage for swelling, fibrosis and pain relief. Using gentle manual lymphatic drainage, lymphatic cupping and deeper work when necessary, this massage helps you swell less, heal faster and address fibrosis after plastic surgery. We can discuss foam use, problem areas and compression.

New Client First Appointment 90 Minute - 250$

Follow Up 60 minutes - 175$

(We do not accept tips)

Trans, queer and lipedema clients - if cost is a barrier to care please contact me for options.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Light rhythmic massage strokes to increase lymphatic flow while regulating your nervous system. 

60 Minutes - 150$

90 Minutes - 225$

(We do not accept tips)

Medical Massage to relieve whiplash and other injuries, reduce pain and get you back to feeling your best. Modalities used to compliment manual lymphatic drainage can be cupping, myofascial release, craniosacral and more. Includes insurance billing and charting.

60 Minutes

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