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Portland Ehlers-Danlos Doctors

This is a list that is updated consistently. Some I have seen personally, others are referrals from others.

Last updated May 16 2023

The Oregon EDS facebook group has a private comprehensive doctors list. I suggest joining to gain access.

Dr. Joanna May (ND) at Asha Wellness - primary care, not currently taking clients

Dr. Casey Carpenter (ND) at Asha Wellness - primary care, on waitlist. Queer and trans affirming.

Dr. Nikki (chiro) at Asha Wellness - Chiropractor, works with hypermobile bodies. Queer and trans affirming.

Dr. Bob Graybill (ND) at Center for Natural Medicine in Portland

Good Health Physical Therapy and Wellness (Physical Therapy) specializes in EDS

Dr. Scott Fromherz (MD) at Westside Sleep Center, sleep doctor that knows EDS and sleep apnea

Optik PDX (Optimologist) both providers specialize in BVD and know EDS

Movement X (physical therapy) has been reported to know EDS and be helpful


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