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Motor Vehicle Accident Massage

About Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery Massage:


What is Car Accident Massage?


This massage is meant to help you heal from your injuries after a car accident and bring you out of fight or flight.


What Does Your Lymphatic System Do After A Car Accident? 

After a car accident you have localized and systematic inflammation and swelling in your body, sometimes with bruising. Manual lymphatic drainage moves inflammation and swelling out of your body. This helps with range of motion and eases pain. Generally, healing is accelerated as well. Increased blood flow can help clear bruising and increase circulation. Lymphatic massages also regulate your nervous system and can be really relaxing. Car accidents can be traumatic, so it is important to address your physical and mental needs after.

Who Would This Be Good For?​

Commonly Used for:

  • People experiencing pain, whiplash, headaches or injuries following a car accident

  • People who do not like deep tissue massage

  • People who are too tender for deeper work but would like to start addressing their injuries in a gentle, supportive way while regulating their nervous system.

  • People experiencing swelling and inflammation following an accident

  • People who like cupping as a complimentary modality

  • Anyone experiencing concussion symptoms like headaches

  • You! If you want it. Some people just see me, others use it as a compliment to other services.

Is Massage Covered By My Car Insurance After An Accident?

Yes! In many states, like Oregon, car insurance is legally required to pay for any necessary medical care, like massage, following an accident. It does not matter if you are at fault.


You will need the insurance name, a claim number and a prescription for massage from a doctor. If you do not have a doctor I recommend seeing the wonderful folks at Asha Wellness for chiropractic and acupuncture care. They can do a full evaluation of your injuries and provide any referrals you may need to massage, imaging or physical therapy. They can be reached by calling 503-719-5000

Can We Do Other Modalities?

For sure! I love using cupping to get into deeper muscles and provide relief. I also am trained in craniosacral, neuromuscular and more. If you start with lymphatic massage but reach a point where you want to move to deep tissue, I have many amazing colleagues I can refer you to as well. 


Does Lymphatic Drainage Work?

Yes! Check out our massage reviews to see what clients have to say about our Portland lymphatic drainage massage services 

What To Expect During A MVA Recovery Massage

Car accident recovery massage is done on a massage table with any bolsters you may need to be comfortable. Generally sessions are 60 minutes. The sessions includes an intake and space to check in on your healing. Manual lymphatic drainage, cupping massage, cranioscral and neuromuscular are the main modalities I use to get results, bringing you from pain to resolution. I will take care of all of the charting and billing for you, along communicate with your care team if you would like. 

After a car accident chronic issues from whiplash can disrupt your life. Massage can help relieve whiplash and other injuries, reduce pain and get you back to feeling your best.

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